Welcome to the eLearning blog!  The first meeting of the William & Mary eLearning Community was held on December 2, 2011, bringing faculty and staff together from across campus to explore eLearning and to share experiences. This site was created to help support the W&M eLearning Community.

Comments to our posts are welcomed.  This community is for you.  If you have an eLearning experience that you would like to share in our blog, please feel free to submit a short article (include an image if you like) to Karen.Conner@mason.wm.edu.

This is an exciting time with the infinite possibilities of eLearning. Technology affords us the ability to reach beyond the traditional classroom and dissolve the walls that may separate instructor and student.  Time and place no longer control or restrict the learning process.  Instructors can teach, and students can learn, in formats and at times that work best for them.

Let’s explore the technologies that make eLearning possible and, more importantly, the strategies and techniques that make it effective.  The door is open.  You are invited to explore with us the world of eLearning that extends far beyond our campus.  The opportunities are endless.